Friday, October 23, 2015

Musical genres: Scottish

D'n'A love Scottish music: evocative of the Highlands, regal like a pipe band, lilting and driving for a festive party. Doug's family heritage places him in Clan Gordon, and Amey's claim is the German Heritage tartan (created by a company in Pennsylvania).

D'n'A play many Scottish-themed events during the year, and can perform in full Scottish attire for any event. They can play a full program of Scottish music, or add Irish and French-Canadian music as well for a broader scope of Celtic music. Sometimes it is popular to add just a touch of Scottish to a party or wedding, and D'n'A can provide a nice hint without completely committing to a full Scottish theme.

They perform concerts, weddings and festivals, Robert Burn's Nights, Scottish Country Dancing, St. Andrew's Dinner, and are open to any requests for Scottish music.

They have two albums of Scottish music lined up next: one for general consumption, and one specifically for Scottish Country Dancing.

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