Friday, October 23, 2015

Musical Genres: Scandinavian

D'n'A love the uniqueness of Scandinavian music. Strongly connected to Celtic music but relatively unknown, music from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland contributes unique musicality to D'n'A's repertoire. The Norwegian hardanger fiddle lends both a haunting and a sweet timbre, Swedish melodies can be layered with multiple harmonies, Danish tunes are peppy and reminiscent of 19th century European dances, and Finnish music brings qualities resembling its neighbor Russia.

Doug has Norwegian heritage, but Amey lays no claim except for her love of this exotic music. They play annually at the Junction City Scandinavian Festival, and other events for local Scandinavian groups on occasion. D'n'A have traditional-style Scandinavian costumes they can wear to lend a more authentic look to the event.  

D'n'A have an album of Scandinavian music available, highlighting music from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Filled with many layers of harmonies and instruments, it's a great way to explore the similarities and differences between the various Nordic countries. A great way to discover Scandinavian music, and it's an easy gift idea for the Nordic in your life!

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