Friday, October 23, 2015

Musical Genres: Celtic

What is Celtic music?  To most people, it's Irish music. Traditionally, there are seven Celtic lands: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany (in France), and Galicia (in Spain). To D'n'A, Celtic music also includes the Scandinavian countries, more regions of France, and the new cultures in English-speaking and French-speaking North America (Québec, Acadia, Appalachia and Louisiana).

The official flag of the seven Celtic nations. 

Celtic music in the D'n'A repertoire includes:

  • Scottish music 
  • Irish music
  • Scandinavian music
  • French music
  • French-Canadian music
  • Appalachian music 
  • Cajun music 

For every performance, D'n'A select music appropriate for the event. They also offer educational programs, where they take the audience on a musical journey through all the Celtic lands, showing
Their first album, Genetic Threads, showcased all the Celtic styles they play, and simulated that journey.

Musical Genres: Scandinavian

D'n'A love the uniqueness of Scandinavian music. Strongly connected to Celtic music but relatively unknown, music from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland contributes unique musicality to D'n'A's repertoire. The Norwegian hardanger fiddle lends both a haunting and a sweet timbre, Swedish melodies can be layered with multiple harmonies, Danish tunes are peppy and reminiscent of 19th century European dances, and Finnish music brings qualities resembling its neighbor Russia.

Doug has Norwegian heritage, but Amey lays no claim except for her love of this exotic music. They play annually at the Junction City Scandinavian Festival, and other events for local Scandinavian groups on occasion. D'n'A have traditional-style Scandinavian costumes they can wear to lend a more authentic look to the event.  

D'n'A have an album of Scandinavian music available, highlighting music from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Filled with many layers of harmonies and instruments, it's a great way to explore the similarities and differences between the various Nordic countries. A great way to discover Scandinavian music, and it's an easy gift idea for the Nordic in your life!

Musical genres: Scottish

D'n'A love Scottish music: evocative of the Highlands, regal like a pipe band, lilting and driving for a festive party. Doug's family heritage places him in Clan Gordon, and Amey's claim is the German Heritage tartan (created by a company in Pennsylvania).

D'n'A play many Scottish-themed events during the year, and can perform in full Scottish attire for any event. They can play a full program of Scottish music, or add Irish and French-Canadian music as well for a broader scope of Celtic music. Sometimes it is popular to add just a touch of Scottish to a party or wedding, and D'n'A can provide a nice hint without completely committing to a full Scottish theme.

They perform concerts, weddings and festivals, Robert Burn's Nights, Scottish Country Dancing, St. Andrew's Dinner, and are open to any requests for Scottish music.

They have two albums of Scottish music lined up next: one for general consumption, and one specifically for Scottish Country Dancing.

New album

If you love Jane Austen, Downton Abbey and other period BBC dramas, then you'll love our new album, An English Travelogue. It takes you on a journey through southern England and Wales, accompanied by dance music as it would have been played in the 18th and 19th centuries, and will transport you to the formal dances popular for centuries in England.  

The ensemble is comprised of Amey Herman on violin, Julia Heydon on violin and recorder, Doug Heydon on guitar, and Beau Eastlund on percussion. The project was carefully designed to suit English Country Dancing, but is equally enjoyable for listening as background music for any activity.

Available for $15, payment should be made to Amey Herman.
Makes a great gift!


Wedding Show

D'n'A will be playing at the Eugene Wedding Showcase on Sunday October 25. The show runs from 10am-5pm, and is held at the Eugene Hilton. There are professionals representing every aspect of wedding planning, and two fashion shows daily. It's a great opportunity to see us playing live. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the website: Oregon Wedding Showcase

D'n'A is Doug Heydon and Amey Herman, who play a variety of instruments and musical styles. For traditional background music perfectly suited to your venue, personality and general vision of your wedding, they are a perfect option. 

Musical combinations available: 
Solo violin
Two violins
Violin & guitar
Two violins & guitar
Two violins & cello 

Additional instrument options for duet or trio (with violin): 
bagpipes, banjo, trumpet, harp, recorder, viola de gamba, double bass 

Make your wedding playlist from our wide repertoire: 
  • Classical
  • 18th & 19th century airs & waltzes
  • Celtic (Irish, Scottish, French-Canadian) 
  • French & Italian café / cabaret
  • Beatles, pop & jazz standards
  • Americana fiddle tunes (with banjo) 
  • Jewish & Eastern European 
  • Renaissance / Medieval 

All packages include sound system, one in-depth meeting to discuss musical selections and wedding details, unlimited email consultations, and travel within 25 miles of Eugene/Springfield. Deposit due upon signing of contract (50% due at signing, remainder due just before wedding.)  

Ceremony only: 
(Includes special music for bride's processional, bridal party processional, additional music during ceremony, 20 minutes of prelude music before ceremony, and 10 minutes of music just after the ceremony.) 

Solo violin    $250
Duet     $350 
Trio    $500 

Ceremony & cocktail hour:   (most popular package!) 
Ceremony as stated above, then an extra hour of music immediately after the ceremony. Works best when the reception is at or very close to the same venue. This option gives a little more music than just the ceremony, and the bridal couple gets to enjoy the music more, during photos or while mingling with guests.  
Duet     $500
Trio    $650 

Ceremony, cocktail hour & dinner: 
Ceremony as stated above, plus two extra hours of music after the ceremony. Can be used however you like, as background music for dining or dancing. Works well if the ceremony and reception are at the same venue or different venues.   

Duet   $650 
Trio    $800